Monday, February 9, 2009

Swap of the Week!

This week's swap is called 'What's the Word?'

For this swap everyone is going to choose a fun, cool, clever, awesome word (like beach, baby, family, fun, friend, cool, cuddle ... whatever) ... and make 6 identical swap items. Then they get all swapped around and everyone will receive 6 different items in return. This is a swap item from last year, and you can see that this is what you could do with the word 'laugh' ... just a little example :)

What? You've never joined a swap before? You're not an OzSwap member?! Gosh ... we'll have to do something about that! :D Head over to OzSwapTillYouDrop, apply for membership (and return that completed questionnaire within 3 days) ... and you too can know the thrill of receiving awesome scrapping goodies in the post instead of bills!

Click here to go to OzSwap

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